When it comes to technology management, business owners must weigh the pros and cons of leveraging an in-house IT staff or outsourcing the services. But there is a third way to approach the situation – co-managed IT. This strategy is beneficial because it combines the advantages of having your in-house staff with specialized insight from outsourced professionals.

By utilizing a “best of both worlds” approach, companies can bridge any existing technology-based gaps without needing to put in the time and money for qualified personnel.

Unfortunately, many myths surrounding co-managed IT can hinder the ability to make an informed decision. This blog post aims to highlight these misconceptions and help you realize the immense advantages of adopting this approach for your business’s growth.

Myths debunked

Myth #1: My business isn’t big enough to need outsourced co-managed IT.

Though it is often assumed that outsourced IT services are reserved for larger enterprises, co-managed IT solutions are available to businesses of any size. By working with a reliable service provider, companies can access customizable support that covers gaps and allows them to meet their goals better. Furthermore, even small organizations can suffer from cyber threats, making using an IT partner’s advanced security measures all the more crucial.

Myth #2: An outsourced IT specialist is less vested in my business’s success than my internal staff.

This is not true. When selecting an IT service provider, ensuring a commitment to your business and its success is vital. A co-managed IT services model is a great way to ensure that the service provider becomes an integrated part of your team. In contrast, the internal team maintains ultimate control over the relationship. In such cases, the external provider will be focused on helping you achieve your goals and objectives for maximum success.

Myth #3: My business won’t be able to afford co-managed IT.

Many people wrongly assume that co-managed IT is a costly solution. The cost efficiency of partnering with an external service provider to share the workload cannot be understated. The financial impact from potential downtime caused by internal IT staff attempting to deal with unanticipated problems or malfunctions can also be much greater than what you would pay for co-managed IT services.

Myth #4: My internal IT staff will lose their jobs.

Rather than swap out existing resources, a more collaborative approach is implemented through a “partnership” solution. With this model in place, internal IT personnel and external IT providers each have well-defined duties that mutually reinforce one another. This alliance focuses on shared corporate objectives without any need for redundancies within your internal tech team, instead providing them with the chance to collaborate with specialist and expert-level technicians, enabling your firm to secure optimal results.

Need help?

When considering co-managed IT, it is essential to remember that not all IT service providers are the same. Therefore, selecting an experienced partner can make a big difference in accomplishing your plan. That is why it is essential to partner with a vendor who comprehends your company’s unique needs before making any decisions.

And that’s where we come in!

Achieving success through the use of co-managed IT is within reach for your business. Our tailored services are designed to meet your requirements and goals so that you can make the most of this path. Get in touch with us now to assess how co-managed IT could benefit you and find out about our aid in meeting your firm’s IT demands.