Your Data Is Your Business

Feb 7, 2018 9:08:37 AM

Does your business rely on data? I can’t think of one that doesn’t, honestly. Whether it’s accounting, payroll, finance, sales, business data for performance management, customer lists or inventory, I’m sure every aspect of your business utilizes data. It's highly likely that the data you use is stored in a database. So what happens if you lose it? What happens if you can’t get to it fast enough? What happens if you can’t trust it to be accurate?

Picture an outage scenario: your entire system is down and your storage has crashed. How quickly do you want to be up and running again? I can guess that your management wants it back up NOW and they want to know why your people are searching for answers on the Internet. It’s in these situations that you probably wish you had a Database Administrator (DBA) on demand who can quickly fix the issue and possibly even avoid the outages altogether. That’s because a good Database Administrator is regularly doing test restores of database backups. They are fully aware of disaster scenarios and possible responses to them. They have also done restores before and will have dealt with strange errors, corruption or common failure scenarios. They can think on their feet about the consequences of various recovery options in a time of crisis. 


But not everyone has a need for a full time DBA.

Istonish DBA Services can provide all of the benefits of a full-time, in-house DBA without the usual overhead. We can also provide our custom SQL Server monitoring solution, built on Microsoft’s internal performance monitoring technology, which means you avoid the burden of licensing expensive 3rd Party software.

Contact us today for an initial SQL Health Check.

Matthew Frend

Written by Matthew Frend

Matthew Frend is a Database Developer at Istonish.

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