5 Ways Hiring a Managed IT Service Provider Cuts Costs for your Business

Oct 17, 2017 9:23:00 AM

Managed Service Providers (MSP) give you access to expert IT staff (without having to pay expert IT staff salaries!), act as an extension of your internal IT team, work directly with your vendors, and can even provide after-hours IT support. Make sure you consider the following ways a Managed Service Provider can cut your business costs when you make the decision outsource some or all of your IT team: 

  1. Pay for the hours that you use rather than paying for a full-time employee (You can get access to experts on a fractional basis!).

Having staff to cover your night and weekend IT needs can be expensive and inefficient, especially during low volume times. Using a Managed Services Provider allows you to only pay for what you use, yet still have the availability you would expect from a large team.

  1. Good Managed Service providers use a “One Team’ approach with client IT personnel. woman-typing-writing-windows-2.jpg
  • Internal resources have a job too. Whether it’s end user support or network management, allowing them to get sidetracked by tasks outside of their scope slows down progress and ultimately costs you time and money.
  • Having an MSP handle distractions allows your resources to do what you need them to do. Without distractions, their tasks are performed faster and more thoroughly which results in money saved.
  • Having an MSP that acts as an extension to your internal team only increases the levels of efficiency you can gain. A close working relationship with your MSP allows for efficient and effective information transfer between your provider and your internal resources.
  1. Managed Service providers act as a liaison between third party vendors, saving you time and energy.
  • Whether it’s your ISP, printer support vendor, or an application vendor, letting your MSP handle those relationships is one less thing you need to manage and track.
  • Focus on what you do! Having to work with your ISP can be difficult and time consuming. Let your MSP do that for you so you can focus on your most pressing priorities.
  1. After-hours support acts as an extension of your daytime team.

That morning rush to address issues from the night before can significantly halt your daily progress. Was that backup successful? Have those alerts been addressed? What is the status of that security alert? Working with a MSP that integrates with your internal team means that when your internal staff arrive in the morning, all of those questions have answers. When your internal team can spend their time focusing on priority items means these things get done quickly and thoroughly. 

  1. Effective and easy IT support increases productivity and ensures business continuity.
  • Internal resources are limited on how many people they are able to help at the same time and how many issues they can effectively tackle. Working with an MSP means that the resources needed to address issues and help end users will always be there. That translates to the quick resolution of problems and increased productivity for end users, which saves you money! When your people are not productive, neither is your business.

When technology gets complicated or compromised, productivity plummets. Istonish offers server and user management services that provide 24-hour support—safeguarding your network through proactive server monitoring and assisting employees with anything from printing to logins—7 days a week, 365 days a year. Get in touch!

Matt Stephenson

Written by Matt Stephenson

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