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The One Thing You Better Be Giving Your Customer In The IVR Process

By Tom Walje on Feb 27, 2015 12:34:00 PM

We all can agree that the purpose of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) process is to assist callers in completing specific endeavors and help customers find answers via the phone by either voice response or dial pad input. 

If designed well, the IVR will help callers complete the task themselves, thus, reducing the involvement of a live agent. But don't be mistaken, the live agent component is vital. And the caller needs to have the option to connect to that agent by the third menu, giving us the number one goal: First Call Resolution.

A recent test by Software Advice was conducted by calling 50 Fortune 500 companies, to see how many menus it took on their respective IVRs to reach a live agent. Zero was pressed repeatedly for dial pads and an agent was requested for voice IVRs. Here are the results:


Almost 25% provided the opportunity to speak to an agent in the first menu. Thankfully, only 17% made callers wait until the fourth menu and no IVR system went past the eighth.

When creating and building your IVR technology, design with the caller in mind. Saving money by utilizing a well functioning IVR system is fantastic, to be sure. Making your customers happy is even better. 

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The Bleet Goes On: Top 2 Ways To Drive Sales & Lower Costs With These IVR Solutions

By Tom Walje on Jan 23, 2015 8:16:00 AM

In business, lowering your cost is like making money and increasing sales is most certainly making money. So in combining the two, when making your Interactive Voice Response (IVR and Hosted IVR) decision, make sure you know the top 2 ways to make your IVR platform work at maximum efficiency. 

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The Istonish Bleet: THE Reason To Use A Managed IT Services Company

By Tom Walje on Jan 12, 2015 11:14:37 AM

1. Keep your focus on your business, not technology.

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3 New Year's Resolutions For Information Technology And A Better 2015

By Tom Walje on Jan 2, 2015 11:13:14 AM

It's 2015 and that brings with it: New Year's Resolutions!

Okay, we're not that excited about resolutions either.

However, when we think about our resolutions regarding technology, information technology and technology solutions, and then how to make our lives more efficient by leveraging those...we get downright giddy. And we think you will too.

So here's our top 3 Tech New Year's Resolutions for 2015.   

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3 Things The Girl Scouts Reminded Us About Information Technology

By Tom Walje on Dec 18, 2014 12:03:00 PM

$800 million.  

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3 Huge Statistical Topics You Need To Know About IVR Systems

By Tom Walje on Nov 24, 2014 11:35:29 AM

No matter how tech-sophisticated we as a society get, human interaction is still desired and demanded.

And it's no different in the way your company should interact with your customers. This valuable infographic shows that when using an IVR, that a live agent path is still highly sought after.

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5 Things Business Failures And Bad IVR Systems Have In Common

By Tom Walje on Oct 30, 2014 7:50:12 AM

We've all heard the statistics that 50% of new businesses fail in the first year and around 90% of businesses fail in the first five years. 

While most of these failures end in anonymity, there are those companies that burst on the scene and then cone to a resounding halt with equal amounts of fanfare. 

So we looked at the "why" of some of history's famous business failures and we began to see common threads between what makes a company have to shutter it's doors and the components that make up a bad IVR and hosted IVR system.  

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7 Cool Keyboard Shortcuts (a little PC support you may not know about)

By Tom Walje on Oct 24, 2014 10:41:55 AM

Time is money, money is time, work smarter, not harder...

We've all heard these axioms, so we thought we would put together a video of some of our favorite keyboard shortcuts to help you work more efficiently. 

The CTRL+C and CTRL+V are widely know shortcuts (and if you didn't know them, then you just got two extra shortcuts for your money) for copy and paste but here are seven more very cool shortcuts you can use:

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3 Big Things Starbucks Taught Us About IT Managed Services

By Tom Walje on Oct 15, 2014 11:32:56 AM

How does Starbucks keep doing it? No really.

We all are (probably) familiar with Starbuck's story, from the Pike Place Market opening in Seattle in 1971 to getting it's name from the chief mate in the novel Moby Dick. But Starbucks has seemingly always been evolving, first as a coffee bean roaster, selling whole beans to what we know them as today. 

I don't remember my first time in a Starbucks, but every time I go in, I can't help but think: And all they do is sell coffee.

Even today, if you were asked for money so a friend could open up a coffee shop, I bet you would think twice. I know I would. So how has Starbucks sustained their appeal and grown for over 40 years? We at Istonish are about learning from the best, so here are the 'takeaways' and what Starbucks has taught us over the years and how we can incorporate these dynamics into our Managed Services division (as well as our IVR/TPV, Staffing and Consulting):  

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4 Ways A Custom IVR System Design Will Improve The Customer Experience

By Tom Walje on Oct 2, 2014 1:04:02 PM

The blueprint for the first modern interactive voice response (IVR) industry was created over 50 years ago...

And a lot of companies IVR systems still have customers feeling frustrated, rather than feeling they have achieved something. 

Customers, potential customers, individuals preforming agreements; people world-wide now expect to interact with an automated system at some point in their process. But oh, how those processes can vary.  

The common thread to all IVR and hosted IVR processes is in the way each system is designed. Here are four elements that are vital to ensure a pleasant customer experience: 

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