Fortinet's Accelerate Conference

Mar 13, 2018, 9:33:00 AM

Istonish is proud to partner closely with Fortinet to provide comprehensive security solutions for our clients. This includes next generation firewalls, cloud security, SIEM and much, much more. I attended Fortinet’s Accelerate Conference last week in Las Vegas and have outlined several key takeaways and highlights from the conference:

  • Rise of Cloud: In a blog titled, Rise of the Cloud-First Enterprise, that I published last spring, I reference a statistic that states that by mid-2018, 60% of all enterprise workloads will be running in the cloud. To say that cloud is on the rise is an understatement. This change was a common theme at the conference, and while cloud platforms come with many gained efficiencies, such as resource utilization from a personnel perspective as well as minimizing hardware needs, there are also associated security implications. We partner with fortinet to offer viable managed threat protection solutions that keep your security posture strong as you adopt a cloud or hybrid cloud model.
  • The Power of Sandboxing: The Fortinet Sandbox is very powerful. I attended a NSE technical training class on Sandboxing at the Accelerate conference where we performed several tasks within the lab, including sending compressed files to the Sandbox, as well as URL scanning, and e-mail traffic. Sandboxing allows you to replicate your environment and run a file, document, or email in order to see any malicious code or threats. A Sandbox also allows you to scan a file, show any DNS requests, registry changes or network services. Istonish leverages Fortinet’s Sandbox both internally and for multiple customers to round out our own and our clients security posture and protect against the unknown. anas-alshanti-169265-unsplash-2.jpg
  • CISO Insight: Another highlight of Accelerate was a CISO panel discussion that focused on the importance of Security Awareness, and details of how Fortinet’s Security Fabric can go a long way in making IT environments more secure. This panel of CISO’s also discussed the responsibility that comes with vetting vendors. Istonish understands the responsibility that comes with choosing a vendor and we also know how import it is to include security awareness training as part of any comprehensive security solution. Our IT security assessments and risk remediation steps always include security awareness training. In 2017, 90% of security attacks where phishing attacks. This points to the fact that your employees can become your biggest tool in preventing future breaches.

Security is a top priority for businesses in our digital world. Our trained staff and expert partners stay on top of the latest trends and vulnerabilities in order to provide the most up-to-date protection for your systems and data, so you can stay out of the headlines. At Istonish, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive solution that aligns your IT operations and your internal security program. Learn more. 

James Mathis

Written by James Mathis

James Mathis is a Systems Administrator at Istonish.

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