One very important value that Istonish possesses, is to give back to the communities in which we do business. This includes aligning gifts and activities to support initiatives that are important to our customers, as well as supporting initiatives that are important to our employees. Whether we are donating time, money or equipment, Istonish is pleased to be a generous and supportive company.

Following are a few of the causes that Istonish, its founders and employees have supported over the years:

Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

From meeting with students in business school, to mentoring new entrepreneurs, Annette and Victoria have been available and supportive to other aspiring business owners. This has extended to community board support and involvement with the following organizations:

Healthcare Delivery And Reform

Cultivating and supporting a healthy work force and the systems in our community that make health care available to everyone is a high priority. From wellness programs at Istonish, to community board participation, Istonish is committed to fostering good health and well-being. Community organizations that we have been involved in, include:


As a technology employer, we completely understand the need for educated, motivated employees. For this reason, we support the education of our young people in many ways. Following are some examples of initiatives and organizations that we have been involved in:

Charitable Giving

Istonish is pleased to provide annual support for the Denver Metro BOMA Gift and Toy Drive, which benefits the Center for Work Education and Employment, Champa House, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, The Delores Project, SafeHouse Denver, Denver Children’s Advocacy Center, Denver Children’s Home, Gateway Women’s Center, Jeffco Action Center and Mt. Saint Vincent Home. Through the generosity of staff and management, Istonish provides hundreds of children with toys during the holiday season.