Aligning your technology investment with your business goals is critical to your success. That requires strategic planning, budgeting, project oversight, and resource alignment. Istonish can perform this executive function and help you leverage technology to accelerate your business.

Our Virtual CIO can help you turn your IT expenditure into fuel for growth.

Technology is used to make business more efficient, but if it’s not implemented with a strategic plan or properly managed, your technology investment can not only become a headache.  It can actually hamper your ability to grow. We can help you anticipate and accommodate your customer’s future needs.  And that means growth.

We translate “IT speak” to the language of business.

What does “ransomware” or “network outage” mean to you?  It probably doesn’t mean anything other than angry customers, damaged reputation, inability to communicate, and ultimately lost revenue.  Our Virtual CIO understands this and will help you define and implement high quality IT solutions that will mitigate the risk of the business impacts that result from IT issues.

What you get.

  • Affordable, expert guidance from an experienced IT professional
  • Strategic IT plan and roadmap aligned with business objectives
  • IT budget planning (capital and operating)
  • Incidence response plan
  • Backing of a full-service managed IT services firm
  • Peace of mind

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