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Aprisi Assure, Istonish’s third party verification solution leverages a multi-channel communications technology to facilitate true understanding between organizations and their customers.

Built with the newest in Cisco’s cloud collaboration tools including Tropo voice management and our own easy to manage scripting and work flow management, Aprisi Assure is a flexible, easy-to-implement technology and third party verification solution that easily and securely integrates into your current environment. The platform also includes an intuitive portal that gives you on-demand access to artifacts and data-driven reports that give you insight into your operations.

Smart Appointment Scheduling

Setting up an appointment should be a streamlined and personalized experience. Using the Aprisi Assure platform, Istonish makes it easy for companies to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software and databases, facilitating appointment scheduling by automatically transferring appointment and contact information. The result is an efficient transaction that offers self-service functionality and delivers high customer satisfaction.

For example, a customer might need to call an auto dealership to set up a service appointment:

  • An integrated voice response (IVR) script pulls the customer’s contact information from the dealership CRM. Then, the script will use the customer’s phone number to greet them by name.
  • Your customer receives several options, including the ability to connect with sales, service, or parts. If he or she selects service, Aprisi Assure’s IVR will check the dealer’s Vehicle Maintenance database and let the customer know that her specific vehicle is due for its 100,000-mile service appointment.
  • The customer can choose to book the service appointment. Aprisi Assure can check check and integrate with the CRM, and identify that the customer prefers morning appointments. Using an IVR script, Aprisi Assure offers available morning appointments and lets the customer select a time that’s convenient for her.
  • Once the appointment is made, Aprisi Assure asks the customer if she’d like a confirmation text. If she agrees, the platform automatically generates the text and sends it to the customer’s mobile number. If at any point the customer drops out of the IVR script, she will be transferred to a service agent.
  • Aprisi Assure automatically transfers all of the information obtained during the IVR call to the live agent. The platform retains all of the information provided by the customer to that point, ensuring the agent can seamlessly complete the call and provide excellent customer service, ensuring information accuracy and customer satisfaction.

IT Help Desk Incident Handling

Like traditional IVR systems, Aprisi Assure can provide the number of calls in queue and estimated wait time, which may help the caller decide whether to hold for the next agent or hang up and try again later.

However, unlike many other systems, Aprisi Assure provides customers with several new options that enhance customer service quality. These options include:

  • The ability to leave a message
  • Have the system automatically call back
  • Send a text message with a link to a self-service ticket entry page                                     

These features provide self-service alternatives for those customers who want even faster resolution. If the customer does decide to wait for an agent, Aprisi Assure recognizes the customer’s phone number and helps the agent deliver highly personalized service via a customer-specific “whisper tone” and “screen pop,” two techniques that provide the agent with information about the caller. Further, custom routing allows calls to be forwarded directly to agents who are familiar with a particular customer, ensuring knowledgeable and efficient service.                                            

Aprisi Assure’s open system enables connectivity with many service management software platforms. As customers call for support, tracking information, such as a ticket number or problem type, can be automatically linked between the caller, the contact center system, and the service management platform. When a service agent receives a call, he or she can receive an on-screen reference to customer information, and then either quickly create a new ticket or promptly update the customer on an existing issue.

Should an escalation to other support personnel be required – regardless of their location – a call transfer can be made with no loss of continuity, while Aprisi Assure automatically collects and transfers information to the appropriate system.

Custom Reporting Portal

Merging data from your contact center with market or product information from other systems enables you to provide more informed customer experiences.

Third Party Verification

We focus on making a custom and streamlined TPV experience for your customers while eliminating manual back-end processes and their associated costs.

Aprisi Integration Service

We deliver best-in-class customer experiences through seamless self-service, intelligent ACD and Live Agent integration.

Aprisi CCaaS Solutions

Aprisi’s CCaaS open architecture and leading-edge engineering pave the way for custom-built contact center solutions that meet your unique demands.

Aprisi Contact Center is:

  • A cloud-based contact center platform
  • A script and interactive voice response configuration environment that enables ACD and complex IVR solutions to be created by end users (not programmers), in real time.
  • A voice handling platform with all of the “bells and whistles” of multi-language voice recognition, call recording, and text to speech
  • A computer telephony integration configuration tool that makes the set-up of the agent desktop simple and quick
  • An integration platform that simply and quickly facilitates connection and data sharing to any environment that can be accessed via an API
  • A platform that incorporates text, SMS, email, Chat, and video integration into a unified contact management view