Infrastructure Management

Istonish’s Infrastructure Management services proactively monitor your servers and network. Having this information allows us to safe-keep your network and provides strategic guidance before trouble occurs. Istonish can help you design, implement, manage, monitor, repair, maintain, and continuously improve your systems, with wider coverage and more skilled technical resources, at less cost. These services include:

  • OS Support and Patching
  • Hardware Lifecycle Management
  • Monitoring Host Systems
  • Network Configuration and Management

Disaster Recovery

Our business continuity (BC) solutions plan ensures your business is able to quickly recover in the event of catastrophic failure. Istonish’s back-up and data recovery practices will safeguard your data while providing faster recovery time. In combination with our BC planning, Istonish leverages the best in high availability design to maximize disaster recoverability. Beginning with the end in mind, Istonish is able to minimize your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) while optimizing your Recovery Point Objective (RPO), to make the most of your investment. Our solutions include:

  • Risk Assessment and Value Proposition Development
  • Architecture and Documentation
  • DR Workflows and Priorities
  • State-of-the-Art Technology

Vendor Management

We use our expertise to ensure a holistic solution which integrates your business, our services, and your other vendors. We combine technology, project management, and best-practices into a complete vendor management solution. We leverage our own expertise as a service provider with Project Management Institute (PMI) best-practices, to ensure you receive the best value for your technology investment. Our vendor management checklist includes:

  • Vendor Selections
  • Communication Plan
  • Escalation Procedures
  • Documentation
  • Service Level Agreements(SLA’s)
  • Contract Management
  • Financial Management
  • Service and Pricing Negotiation

Backup Solutions

No network is completely secure. The best type of backup strategy is one that you do not have to worry about and that is scheduled automatically. Regardless of your organization’s size or scalability, we will we will securely back up your data in case of data loss, security breaches or other issues and ensure you have access when you need it. Our services include:

  • Encrypted backup to cloud storage
  • Alerts when failures occur
  • Testing, restoring, and validating
  • Local disk or tape rotation
  • Offsite storage

Application Management and Database Administration

Technology relies on more than hardware. Applications are also necessary for people to get their work done and represent the interface between people and technology. These programs depend on databases to keep your business running and Istonish offers several application and DBA support and management services, all of which support the following:

  • Fractional Resource Utilization
  • Expertise in Multiple Disciplines
  • Custom Development
  • Software Architecture
  • Report Writing and Analytics
  • Database Administration and Performance Tuning

Asset Management

IT assets represent a significant investment for most companies today. This complex area is often overlooked and has potentially significant financial and regulatory risk. Let us employ our well-developed asset management processes to reduce your exposure to these risks.

  • Software Licensing
  • Warranties
  • Asset Tracking and Disposition
  • Refresh Cycle
  • Certificate Management and Renewal

Monitoring and Alerting

Istonish’s monitoring fabric provides comprehensive and continuous insight into your environment. End-to-end visibility of the integration between hardware, software, and connectivity, facilitates better performance and design.

  • 24×7 Environment Awareness
  • Automated Exception-Based Alerting
  • Self-Healing Capabilities
  • Service Desk Integration