Our assessment combines a multi-tool virtual approach with a physical assessment of your information technology infrastructure environment. The output, along with the information gathered during our physical audit, is reviewed and analyzed by trained, certified security experts who distill thousands of pages of technical feedback into an easy to understand, comprehensive, and actionable report. This report is then reviewed with your team to ensure all findings, along with the corresponding criticality and remediation recommendations, are fully understood.


The tools deployed during our security assessment are:

  • Tenable Network Security: Nessus Professional
  • RapidFire Tools: Network Detective (HIPAA Compliance Module Included)
  • Fortinet: Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)


The Istonish Assessment Methodology includes (but is not limited to):

Computing Environment and Access Control

  • Account permissions and memberships
  • Basic systems aging and asset management
  • User behavior analysis

Network Vulnerability Scanning

  • Expose weaknesses and misconfigurations
  • Identify missing patches and updates
  • Malware scans on systems

Physical Security Evaluation

  • Physical access to systems
  • Workstation encryption
  • Human-level security

End-User Training

  • We will recommend a security awareness Computer Based Training (CBT) that uses the latest eLearning techniques and trends.

Sample Report

Download a detailed sample vulnerability assessment and risk analysis report.

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