Network and data security is now an essential part of business.  Even small to medium-sized organizations are at significant risk and without adequate defense. Your most valuable information is in danger of finding itself in the wrong hands – and that can prove to be quite harmful and even catastrophic. But achieving the level of protection that can protect against unauthorized access and give you peace of mind can be quite costly and time consuming.

This is where Istonish can help.

At Istonish, we offer small-and medium-sized organizations an enterprise-grade solution at an affordable price. Built as an integrated part of our 24x7x365 service desk, we offer around the clock monitoring and protection delivered by our certified, expert security engineers who can not only monitor and report on security breach incidents, but also remediate the problem.

Security your way.

Whether you have your own firewall, but need additional expertise, need to cover off-hours, or want to outsource the entire firewall management solution to our expert team, we can configure a solution that works for you and fits in your budget.

Real-Time Visibility

The ability to analyze traffic, detect trends or anomalies, or pinpoint issues is a critical component to firewall management. Leveraging the FortiNet suite of security management tools, Istonish can provide dashboard reporting and management tools that allow for the flexibility and power needed to effectively manage your firewall.


Let us know how we can help you protect your environment!