Because your organization is unique, or your vision for how you want technology to support your business or customers is new, it may make sense for your organization to leverage customized software and services. Istonish balances innovative and agile approaches with industry best-practices to ensure you get the greatest value. Whether that value comes in the form of complete custom development, integration of commercial software, or simply by using your existing applications, we ensure your business software needs are met.

Architecture and Design

Our skilled team of developers is experienced with a wide variety of development methodologies. From a traditional procedural approach, to a more contemporary Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and layered design. Whether it is extending or modifying an existing legacy platform, integrating through web services, or a complete re-write including mobile integration, we can help design a solution that will meet the needs of your business while preserving flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Istonish works with your staff to ensure the design facilitates ease of use, efficient navigation, and appropriate automation, so that your business realizes the greatest return on investment and gained efficiencies. Our detailed specifications and design process will provide clear direction for your development project so you stay on time, on budget, and have the result you and your staff envisioned.


Once the design phase is completed, implementation can begin. This usually means our programmers start writing and testing code, but it also includes project meetings to ensure consistency, documentation to enhance inter-team communication, and iterative review to ensure quality.

Depending on the project, Istonish may be working with your design or our own, so it is important to work as a team to validate that your needs are being met. To be most effective, we select tools and platforms that are well known and which facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders. Working together also ensures that applications are effectively transitioned for ongoing support.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Independent from the design and implementation phases, general maintenance and upgrades must be performed. Maintenance is important to fix errors or “bugs” and to implement usability requests made by users. Upgrades are often added over time to meet new or changing requirements, and it is usually more cost effective to make occasional changes to the existing application, than to create a new one.

Istonish has experience in maintaining our own software, but we are also asked to review existing applications. Our engineers and developers are often engaged in upgrading old or poorly functioning code, in order to get better performance or to add capabilities. We also move application functions from older platforms to new ones with more features or which offer better upgrade paths.

Development and Integration

Gone are the days when applications worked in silos with redundant data entry and overlapping functionality. At Istonish, we believe applications should conform to the business and streamline processes, services and the speed of delivery, to give you a strategic advantage in your marketplace. Using the latest development tools and workflow technologies to integrate through web services and application programming interfaces ( APIs), we do custom API programming and integration to connect the critical functions and applications of your business into a seamless service delivery mechanism that allows you to operate more efficiently and effectively. Our experience in creating applications for both on premise and mobile users, includes commercial and government clients ranging in size from just a few users to thousands.

Istonish works with you to identify the best combination of applications which will meet your needs and we always consider quality, time, and cost when we recommend next steps. Ultimately, the solution that best meets your goal, is our goal.


From native mobile applications, to back end processing and application integration, today’s business computing environment includes a variety of platforms and architectures. Our team of developers integrate a blend of the most common development platforms including .NET, IOS, Android, Java Script, PhoneGap, and SharePoint, to name a few.


In a fast paced world where your staff and customers are constantly on the move, access to services and data via mobile devices is quickly becoming the expected norm. Istonish can work with you to add mobile functionality to your current website, existing applications and services, or create ground up mobile applications that keep you and your customers connected and your business moving forward. Safe and secure, our native mobile application development and our mobile enabled web application development, gets you connected to a global marketplace of customers and services.

Data Modeling and Database Design

Databases form the foundation for applications and are the repository for one of your most critical assets – your data. Proper database design enables flexibility, performance, and facilitates better reporting and data mining. Our team of developers and Database Administrators will work with you to incorporate the proper levels of normalization and entity relationship design that will best support your needs both now, and in the future. From high performance transactional systems to data warehouses and dash-boarding, our team of data professionals can help you get the most out of your data while keeping it safe and secure.

Analytics and Dashboards

While it is true that your data is one of your most important assets, it must be extracted and presented in a way that allows you to continuously evaluate the state of operations and make well informed key business decisions. Istonish can leverage your existing data structures or develop and implement a data warehouse that integrates data from multiple disparate systems depending upon what your needs are. Our development team utilizes a combination of the latest tools and methodologies for rapid prototyping and deployment of a graphic window into your business. Whether for internal consumption only, shared access with key partners via the internet, or accessibility via mobile devices, we can provide the information you need to thrive.

ANS Case Study

Using mobile technology to protect our waterways.

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