Upgrades & New Installations

  • Istonish is constantly assessing, testing and implementing the latest database platform service packs, upgrades and new technologies.
  • We provide the full range of administration and maintenance services required to keep a database environment up to date and performing at its peak.

Monitoring, Backup & Recovery

  • Monitoring of SQL Server environments with regular status reports
  • Pro-active response to emergencies
  • Automation of database backup and maintenance tasks
  • Implementation and ongoing management of Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions
  • Security Audits

Performance Tuning

  • Collection and Analysis of performance metrics
  • Report, Recommend and Resolve Issues
  • QA of queries, stored procedures, User Defined Functions and reports

Architecture & Design

  • Capacity Planning – ensuring hardware and network resources can meet requirements for future growth
  • Review of Disaster Recovery and High Availability options

Database Development

  • Development of database objects to optimize performance of applications, reports and queries. The scale of these activities can range from simple queries and database views, through to complex data transformation processes using stored procedures, user-defined functions and other custom objects.

Analysis Services

  • Design and implementation of online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes - multidimensional structures that contain data aggregated from other data sources, such as relational databases. Database or Datawarehouse development is required to support and facilitate this technology.

Integration & Interfacing (SQL Server Integration Services – SSIS)

  • Integration Services is a platform for the building of data integration and workflow solutions, including extraction, transformation and load (ETL) operations for data warehousing. It includes the analysis, design and development of data flow and data cleansing processes – predominantly to support reporting and other business processes.
  • SQL Server Integration Services is more than just an ETL tool – it is a platform which combines the abilities of various technologies (eg. ETL; communications; .Net programming) and enables the development of solutions which are comparable to far more expensive platforms or ERP systems.

Reporting Services

  • Reporting includes the analysis, design and development of reports for consumption by users and/or other business processes
  • It performs the function of transforming data into information.
  • Istonish can provision all aspects of reporting, from data and report design, implementation of infrastructure, through to information product delivery. These activities are enabled by the Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence platform (Reporting Services, Integration Services, Analysis Services and Power BI).