WTF? (What's Technology's Future?) It's Not Information Technology.

Aug 7, 2014, 3:05:19 PM

Businesses have changed (and will continue to evolve) in the way they engage with their customers. The reason? The vanishing dynamic of "the certainty" of how we interact with our customers. 

There are now an ever increasing amount of choices from which our customers can choose on how to gather and broadcast information. Web, mobile, social media, kiosks, retail stores and not interacting at all...they are all choices. And all this "stuff" and the technology behind it all, is not going to end. 

An example: 


You may look at this and laugh, or admit that yes, this is you in a typical public setting. But what it really is and the way we should see this is an opportunity. If you ask the people in this photo, they might say that, yes...this was the best conference. Who are we, as providers of products or services, to tell our customers how to gather their information and what communication methods to use? 

It's our customers lives and they will live them the way they want. It's our job to give them our information, in a way they want. Just because you don't "do it" or your boss doesn't "do it" doesn't mean you company shouldn't be doing it...don't just brush it aside. 

And what is "it"? It's not information technology. It's not finding technology solutions. "It" is a great Customer Experience. 

Customers don't think in terms of channels, IT support or technology. They want to simply interact with your company in a consistent manner-whenever, wherever and with whatever device they're using. 

But there always has to be a "man behind the curtain". And for the customer to reach and interact with the end user or company, that man behind the curtain is technology. 

So WTF? Consumers. Technology's future is the consumer. And armed with new methods of gathering information and interacting, the consumer is becoming increasingly informed, empowered and demanding.

Let's say it again: The consumer is technology's future. Is your technology up to that reality?


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