Why Utilizing a Staffing Firm in a Tight Labor Market is a Good Option

Nov 20, 2017 10:05:00 AM

It’s an understatement to say that information technology (IT) talent is in extremely high demand and as a result, the price for tech talent is escalating.  In addition, there just aren’t enough people with the right skills. According to Appendix I of the 2016 Colorado Talent Pipeline Report, “despite growth in postsecondary program completions in related disciplines, the number of emerging graduates still has not been adequate in meeting employer demand.” In addition, Colorado’s overall unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation, currently sitting at 2.3% (as of June 2017, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). This translates to challenges for employers who need to source top technical talent (learn more about building Colorado’s tech talent pipeline here).


One talent solution to consider, is working with a staffing firm. The following addresses why this can be a good option for companies and contractors.

  1. Contractors have flexibility and are able to move between projects

In some contract arrangements, there is a beginning and an end to the project. The contractor’s goal is to complete the project deliverable. When the project is successfully completed, he/she will move on to another project within another organization. This allows contractor’s flexibility and the ability to take time off in-between projects if desired.

  1. Not all projects require a full-time employee

Your company’s projects may not need a full-time employee – you may need someone to assist on an effort for a migration or integration or, assist with a full-time employee’s work backlog. This type of arrangement can afford a company considerable cost savings.

  1. Positions can be filled quickly

Utilizing a staffing/talent acquisition firm can expedite the “time to fill” open positions.  Most staffing firms continually pipeline candidates and have large databases of viable candidates from which to source.

  1. Employers can save time, money, and effort

It can cost an average of $3,000-$4,000 to hire and fully on-board a new employee (recruiting efforts, compliance screenings, etc.) and what if they still don’t work out? Utilizing a staffing firm can minimize the risk. You can bring on resources through a staffing firm and all of the compliance requirements and pre-hire costs do not hit your bottom line.

You get to “try before you buy!” If you do decide to hire the contractor, you will know up front if  they are a good fit for your organization and if so, chances are, they will stay for the long term.

  1. Why would candidates want to work on a contract basis?

With each new project or organization, a consultant or contractor adds new skills and industry experience to their resume. This makes them more marketable!

At Istonish, we know a leader when we see one. That’s part of our DNA. Our staffing leaders excel at working with you to understand the complexities of your business objectives, as well as your corporate culture to match you with the right individuals who will accelerate your success. Our services include sourcing, recruiting and hiring highly skilled IT leaders. Let us know how we can help with your staffing needs!

Roxane Brock

Written by Roxane Brock

Roxane was Istonish’s first official employee in 1991 and has been recruiting in the technology space for 25+ years.

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