What hurricanes and other natural disasters can teach us about the importance of having a structured data backup plan.

Sep 13, 2017 2:49:56 PM

Thankfully, though Hurricane Irma caused major devastation, it was not quite as destructive as it could have been had the weather predictions played out as forecasted.  However, the road to recovery for the entire region is still going to be a long one.  Not only will homes, schools, and physical infrastructure need to be rebuilt, people will also need to return to their jobs as soon as possible to begin to slowly move back to normalcy.  And the ability for companies and organizations to return to “business as usual” (or to return at all) will depend upon their ability to get their IT infrastructure up and running.  Provided they have functioning IT infrastructure, they will most likely need to depend on data that must be restored from recent, reliable data backups to pick up where they left off in the least amount of time.

But what if a company did not have a data retention plan or was not diligent about backing up data in a consistent manner?  Most of us know the answer to that question.  Without a specific, focused managed backup program, a company is quite vulnerable to natural disasters and other threats related to data loss and some companies will not survive as a result, leaving many without jobs to which they can return.

Natural disasters aren’t the only reason to have a backup plan, though.  Unfortunately, because many companies have never experienced a major data breach or loss, they tend to be lackadaisical about backups. But a hardware failures, accidental data overwrites, security breaches, or simple human errors happen all the time and any one can put your operations at risk. 

In addition, some companies also see the expense to run a 24x7x365 managed backup program in-house as a pretty hefty price for the number of times it’s actually needed.   The specialized skillsets needed to do it correctly can be very costly.

That’s why Istonish has developed an easy to deploy, and cost-effective managed backup solution.  Our program is designed and managed 24x7x365 by highly skilled backup engineers and monitored and supported around the clock by our network operating center.  The system leverages a combination of cloud-based and on-premises equipment storage (depending on the configuration of your environment) and is designed to provide detailed reports on each backup as well as alerts and remediation for failed backups.  We also provide easy-to-budget per gigabyte pricing based on the size of the most recent backup.

For more information, please visit our managed backup solutions page.  We are happy to help you learn about how we can help you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data is secure and how, in the event of an outage or loss, you can get your organization back up and running in the least amount of time with the least amount of lost productivity.

Al Roesner

Written by Al Roesner

Data Protection Engineer

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