3 Things The Girl Scouts Reminded Us About Information Technology

Dec 18, 2014, 12:03:00 PM

$800 million.  girl_scout_cookies_on_laptop

That's right, the Girl Scouts pulls in that amount of revenue annually and recently announced the launch of the Digital Cookie Program, allowing every young lady to sell their cookies (Tagalongs...ummmmmm) online for the first time in the Girl Scouts' 102 years of existence. 

"Online is where entrepreneurship is going and it's hard to think of brick and mortar without having that online component," says Kelly Parisi, chief communications executive for Girl Scouts of the USA. "Girls are digital natives and they've been telling us they want to go into this space."

Here at Istonish, it reminded us of the three real reasons that all the information technology, IVR and third party verification work we are surrounded by each and every day is not really the end result of our efforts. 

  1. IT connects people. Whether it is a governmental agency assisting someone who is in need or a grandmother buying cookies from her Girl Scout granddaughter, technology is an essential dynamic in all our lives to connect and connects us on countless levels.
  2. The rural and underprivileged are better served. Telecommunications can now be used in health care IT for the medical community. Doctors from any location can reach out and communicate with the most highly skilled of their colleagues for consultations on patients, improving the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses without requiring patients to travel.
  3. Learning is at your fingertips. The Girl Scouts now have Technology Badges and anyone can now find information, get questions answered, solve others problems with nothing but a smart phone in your hand. The phrase, "I don't know." is really no longer valid. 

Technology is nothing more than something we can leverage and utilize as a foundation on which to keep expanding our connections, knowledge and time.

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