Insight on Vetting IT Talent from our IT Talent Acquisition Team

Jan 2, 2018 9:11:19 AM

Have you ever gone through the interview and hiring process only to realize your new hire isn’t a fit? The IT talent pool is tight and finding qualified candidates is challenging but sourcing candidates is just the beginning of the process. How can you be sure that you are hiring the right person for the role? With considerations from cultural fit to technical skills, there are a lot of ways you can vet talent. The following are insights and recommendations from our IT Talent Acquisition team.

1. Culture fit.

Culture fit can be difficult to determine, but it is one of the most important considerations a hiring manager has. Here are a couple questions that can help you determine if a candidate is a good fit:

  • In what type of work environment do you thrive and why?
  • What kind of work environment does not work well for you?
  • Who was the best manager you reported to and what made him/her great to work for?
  • Do you prefer to work on a team or more independently?

Don’t shy away from asking questions that directly relate to emotional intelligence and cultural fit. According to a Glassdoor blog titled, Culture Fit or Culture Add? How to Hire Employees Who Enhance Your Culture, in order to truly create a positive company culture, it needs to be a priority: “you need to make culture the first priority in your hiring process — even ahead of functional and technical skills.”

2. Referrals or mutual contacts.

If a candidate was referred to you by someone you trust and respect, it speaks volumes. When referrals are not part of your pool of candidates, try using LinkedIn to review mutual connections and endorsements. Calling references – specifically previous supervisors or managers – is also always a good idea.

3. Verifying technical skills and requirements.


As a non-technical recruiter, this can be a bit difficult, but there are many technical skills tests available. You may also utilize people on your team with like skills to help create technical questions that will measure these skills.

Below are some of the online technical skills tests that we use and recommend:

4. Work with a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP).

What if you are not technical and don’t have the right people on your team to help you vet a technical candidate? Hiring a MSP can also be a great option for ensuring that you have the best talent and can scale up or down according to workload. According to a blog by talent 101, contingent workers make up more than 40% of the U.S. workforce. With those numbers, it's no surprise the trend is on the rise for companies with blended workforces. Istonish acts as an extension to many internal IT teams-providing highly technical resources on a fractional basis which helps drive down costs while also closing the talent gap.

Roxane Brock

Written by Roxane Brock

Roxane was Istonish’s first official employee in 1991 and has been recruiting in the technology space for 25+ years.

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