Managed IT Services

Better IT solutions come from better IT leaders. Our decades of experience building and maintaining powerful technology ecosystems can help you take your business further. From the server to the cloud—and all points in between—Istonish connects and advances your systems, your people, your businesssecurely, 24X7X365.

IT Talent Acquisition

It takes a tech leader to find a tech leader. Our depth of experience means we understand the jobs we recruit for and we understand the technical expertise they require. But more than that, our experience tells us that recruiting talent who exhibit leadership skills gives your business a lasting advantage.


For nearly three decades Istonish has helped companies build, hone and helm their IT—keeping them at the forefront of their industry. We believe that the best technology solutions stem from curiosity, collaboration and expertise. That’s why with Istonish, you don’t simply get technicians—you get technology leaders. Each and every one working with you each and every day to deliver technology that gives your business a leading edge. Each and every time.  


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