Do Your Clients Understand What They’re Getting?

You’ve provided the appropriate disclosures and your client has signed off – but how do you know your client fully understands their investment? Aprisi Assure by Istonish helps fiduciaries document client comprehension, providing a solid contractual defense against regulatory investigations, class-action lawsuits and individual contractual disputes with retail investors.

Aprisi Assure is a third-party verification (TPV) tool that uses multi-channel modes (live agent, Interactive Voice Response or IVR, email, text) to confirm details of a transaction with the client, requiring clients to demonstrate their understanding before the transaction can be finalized.

Aprisi Assure benefits financial services firms by:

  • Providing legally admissible proof of compliance, or “evidence of comprehension” from retail clients
  • Improving sales confidence and operational efficiency
  • Delivering secure, cloud-based storage for 10 years, with on-demand retrieval in the event of a lawsuit
  • Identifying gaps in adviser training, helping firms provide consistently excellent service across multiple offices


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Evidence of Comprehension and the DoL Fiduciary Rule

While the long-term future of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule remains unclear, many financial services firms have already taken steps to meet the DoL’s fiduciary standard of care. In addition, some industry experts suggest that increased awareness of the term “fiduciary” could prompt consumer demand whether or not the DoL Fiduciary Rule takes full effect. Aprisi Assure by Istonish acts as a shield of defense against class-action 401(k) lawsuits, providing peace of mind to advisers, firms and plan sponsors.


Why Istonish?

For more than 15 years, Istonish has supported the telecom industry with regulator-mandated third-party verification (TPV) services to protect consumers from illegal phone “slamming” and “cramming” charges. We know that TPV can provide insight into comprehension gaps or misunderstandings, as well as serve as a check to ensure compliance rules are being implemented effectively.


The Ultimate Level of Fiduciary Care

For years, financial services regulators have recognized that disclosure alone is not enough to protect retail investors from unsuitable investment products. If you act as a fiduciary for your clients, contact Istonish for a demo of Aprisi Assure today – for the best interests of your clients and your firm.


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