Istonish is an industry leader in building and supporting technology solutions for cable and telecommunications customers. We have more than 20 years of experience successfully leveraging technology in order to integrate with our cable clients.  We deliver 24x7x365, cost effective, high quality services throughout North America.

Telecom and Technology Experience

Istonish provides verifications services for some of the largest national and regional cable and telecommunications companies in the country. We develop cost efficient, highly scalable, uniquely customized solutions to create a positive customer experience.

Hosted Voice Solutions

Istonish provides highly customized, cost effective hosted voice solutions to meet your business needs. Our team has extensive experience in the cable industry developing solutions including Hosted Third Party Verification (TPV), Hosted IVR/ACD, Hosted Call Recording, ELOA and Data Integration.


En Español. Istonish delivers English and Spanish language blended live agent/ interactive voice recognition (IVR) TPV solution to service several other Fortune 50 and Fortune 150 customers. Multiple solutions have been built to service additional customer needs including contract authorizations, name changes on accounts and liability acknowledgements

Customized Development and Support

Istonish understands the business requirements of the cable industry and is able to leverage our experience to provide customized support and integration. Istonish engineers develop interfaces, scripts as well as custom web-enabled applications to ensure that customers have an exceptional experience every day. We also offer Project and Program Management, and 24×7 Service Desk Support to provide ongoing operations to your organization.