A focus on outstanding customer experiences, excellent pass rates, and efficient call handling, has positioned us as an industry leader in providing TPV services. Our TPV experience is unique to the customer, and we build solutions designed to eliminate manual back-end processes and the associated additional costs.

As a result of the excellent reputation for providing TPV services on regulated products, Istonish has evolved to provide similar verification solutions for many non-regulated functions as well.


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Features of TPV, Order Verification and Verbal Agreement Services

  • Hybrid IVR and Live Agent services
  • English and Spanish language support
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Fully redundant disaster recovery system design
  • Digital voice recording
  • Recording storage and retrieval via a secure customer web portal
  • Customized, detailed reporting
  • Quick program startup
  • Speech recognition
  • Data integration
  • Text to speech
  • All-inclusive per-minute or per-call pricing
  • US-based helpdesk