Investing in Intelligent Data

Providing great customer experiences can be complicated, and even more so with the emergence of 'omni-channel' interactions. To truly understand your customer, you must invest in intelligent data capture and intelligent analysis. This means merging the data captured from your contact center, with broader market and product data contained in other systems. To help you gain greater insights into your customer, Istonish offers the following solutions:

  • The development of custom, secure reporting portals that capture and trend customer call activity from ACD, hosted IVR, TPV, and transaction outcome data according to products and markets; allowing customers to perform ad-hoc analysis of the data in a secure environment.
  • The ability to bridge traditional contact center captured interaction history with social channels, enabling a complete view into your brand in the market.
  • The ability to access and listen to recorded calls, as trends are identified and may require research.

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