When it comes to choosing an integration partner, reputation is everything. Your partner must know how to successfully envision, design and execute complex projects. Istonish is such a partner.

For 25 years, Istonish has helped our commercial and government customers with technology integration, product development and support. We operate call and technology operations centers, and build the contact center tools that we use to support our customers, including creating custom interfaces and integrations for our Aprisi CCaaS platform.

Our products and services are not static – built once and then forgotten. Instead, we strive for continuous improvement and innovation, which we gladly extend to our customers.

What Makes Our Approach Successful?

Many companies look at their customers as outside entities. Istonish, on the other hand, works hand-in-hand with our customers as a unified team, positively and collaboratively laboring towards shared goals. Our processes are designed with quality in mind to produce quality products. We use Agile techniques to ensure positive outcomes and to deliver products on-time and defective-free; taking our delivery commitments and quality seriously.

Above all, we have vast experience with and understand the contact center operations business, and have an outstanding team of analysts, designers, programmers and project managers. That’s why Fortune 500 companies have commented that we’re "the best vendor partner relationship we have."

Integration Services

Custom Data Interface Development

Data is the key to making call handling smart and custom, and every organization has a range of systems that can contain or process customer information. We have found that there is often no single system that provides this data, and there are commonly multiple systems that require updating upon completion of a call.

In short, most of the data interfaces we build and support are custom interfaces unique to the specific systems that our clients operate and specific the manner in which our clients populate data fields in those systems. These custom interfaces enable an outstanding customer experience. Following are a few examples of the types of interfaces we have built:

  • Data interfaces that load customer information, including products or services that are connected with their account
  • Data interfaces that inform IVR and agent scripts that capture customer liability acknowledgement specific to the types of products purchased
  • Interfaces that, upon confirmation of a sale in the IVR, provide instant updates to provisioning systems, allowing immediate service activation
  • Interfaces that notify outsourced fulfillment partners when a transaction requires shipment of an artifact
  • Interfaces that link customer internal recordings or records of a customer agreement to third parties who provide storage of all compliance data
  • Interfaces that link incoming and outgoing call data associated with IT service desk support with incident or ticket handling platforms

IVR Script Flow Design & Agent Queue Configuration

The design for how incoming calls are handled in the ACD and IVR are central to fostering outstanding caller experiences. It is important to strike a balance between efficiency and ‘self- service’, and allowing callers with urgent issues to speak to a live person.

Caller experience is factored into the smart design. Once IVR scripts are in service, smart analytics drive script improvements aimed to improve caller experiences. Our professional services provide support in the following ways:

  • Design, configure, and test IVR script flows
  • Design and configuration of ACD call routing including queues, skills, priorities, agent scripting, monitoring, and alerting
  • Integration to web services enabling the design of ‘smart handling’ of calls including call outcomes or follow-on text or email functions
  • Analysis of ACD and IVR analytics with a focus on optimizing the caller experience

Reporting and Data Analytics

Data in a contact center environment can provide tremendous information on many aspects of the caller experience. Additional activity information can lend insights regarding outcomes that are important to the business. Istonish professional services can provide support in the following ways:

  • Secure portal design enabling both static and ad-hoc reporting on key program data
  • Informed trend analysis
  • Development of customized reporting to enable correlation to broader business activity