White Papers

From Disclosure to Comprehension: Mitigating Risk in a Fiduciary World

Download your white paper to learn about new disclosure requirements under the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Fiduciary Rule, and the concept of disclosure itself. We also introduce a way to document “evidence of comprehension” by investors that could reduce the risk of litigation for financial services firms while helping them identify training gaps that could expose them to additional risk.

Evidence of Comprehension White Paper

Find out how to gain "evidence of comprehension" from clients regarding their retirement investment decisions. Build trust and mitigate the risk of regulatory investigation or litigation.


Case Study

ANS Case Study

Learn how Istonish worked with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to build a custom application to help them track and control the transfer of invasive species in lakes and other waterways throughout the state.

Upper Pine Fire Protection District Case Study

Learn how Istonish partners with the Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) to provide security assessments to Colorado's municipalities and governement entities.

Commons on Champa Case Study

Learn more about how Istonish has partnered with The Commons on Champa, Denver’s Hub for Entrepreneurship, to provide hands-on troubleshooting for their IT infrastructure, highspeed Internet connectivity, and audio/visual equipment. Leveraging Istonish’s 24x7x365 service desk ensures that members of The Commons on Champa community can connect to quick and reliable Wi-Fi and are able to utilize the advanced technologies available throughout the space.


Compliance Solutions for the DOL Fiduciary Rule