Your Customers are Ready for Mobile Text Verification…Are You?

Isn’t it time for your third party verification to delight your customers with a “mobile moment”? Now you can!  Mobile Text Verification is part of the Omni Verify Services™ family.

With more than 195 million smart phones in the US…
communication with your company is literally at your customer’s fingertips.

Mobile Text Verification…Easy, Quick and User Friendly

Mobile Third Party Verification

In a virtual world Mobile Text Verification can deliver:

  1. •Regulated & Non-Regulated Third Party Verifications
  2. • Electronic Letters of Agreement
  3. • Term Contract Agreements
  4. • Consent Verification from Online Customers
  5. • Confirmation of Identity to Prevent Identity Fraud
  6. • Secure Customized Surveys

Increase Customer Happiness & Lower Cost with…
Mobile Text Verification

PlugIn to Your IVR/TPV
Upgrade your existing IVR/TPV with Mobile Text Verification.
Lower Cost
Save between 25%-75% compared to traditional IVR/TPV solutions.
Accelerate Sales
Convert transactions into sales with your customers favorite channel.
Device Agnostic
Responsive design creates a consistent display on all devices.
English and Spanish
A fully integrated bilingual solution serves today’s diverse marketplace.
Secure Record Storage
24x7x365 instant access to your secure portal and customer records.