Istonish makes automated phone solutions customized, efficient and smart.

Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Even though customers are communicating in more ways every day, over 70% of all contact is still via phone. For this reason, the caller experience should be streamlined, custom and smart to avoid customer confusion and frustration. IVR scripting should be unique to each customer, eliminating unnecessary ‘standard language’ that is not relevant to them and enable the customer to quickly take actions such as purchase confirmation, checking account balances, or making a payment. Source systems should also be immediately updated with the call outcomes. These approaches work together to enhance both the customer experience and streamline backend processes.

So, how do we create the best hosted IVR solution?

  • Istonish works with customers to efficiently design call handling scripts and call flows that focus on enhancing the overall caller experience.
  • We use voice recognition whenever possible, so that the customer can quickly and easily communicate their needs in English and other languages.
  • We leverage custom data interchanges to transfer customer specific information to our hosted IVR solution, allowing the use of Text-To- Speech (TTS) to customize the script and relay important customer information.
  • Our IVR solution will promptly transfer someone to a live agent if the IVR cannot provide the needed information or service.
  • Our solution integrates with email and mobile channels for integrated handling of similar customer requests.
  • We ensure that our cloud IVR solutions provide robust and detailed reporting on IVR effectiveness- allowing for continuous improvement.
  • 100% of IVR calls can be recorded for quality purposes, as well as for comprehensive records of customer interactions.

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