Aprisi Contact Center as a Service is Designed to
Meet Today’s Contact Center Demands

Istonish’s Aprisi is a cloud based communication platform which provides dynamic data driven IVR and Live Agent script building, real-time updates, and agent “work from anywhere” functionality. The platform’s modular architecture accelerates creation of custom solutions by simplifying the integration of new and legacy applications. Aprisi also serves as a powerful and flexible front-end to premise based solutions. Aprisi delivers affordable enterprise class functionality that transforms the customer experience.

Aprisi…the Name Expresses Our Vision

Aprisi was derived from the Italian word Apriri which means to open or unfold. This vision is what Istonish’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform, Aprisi, achieves.

Aprisi Contact Center is:

  • A Cloud contact center platform
  • A script and interactive voice response configuration environment that enables ACD and complex IVR solutions to be created by end users (not programmers), in real time.
  • A voice handling platform with all of the “bells and whistles” of multi-language voice recognition, call recording, and text to speech
  • A computer telephony integration configuration tool that makes the set-up of the agent desktop simple and quick
  • An integration platform that simply and quickly facilitates connection and data sharing to any environment that can be accessed via an API
  • A platform that incorporates text, SMS, email, Chat, and video integration into a unified contact management view

What makes Aprisi Contact Center special?

Legacy on-premise contact center platforms are difficult to upgrade or integrate with new and existing technologies – including mobile, social and SMS channels. Our Aprisi platform solves these challenges and provides affordable enterprise-class functionality. Our solution is:

  • Agile, providing streamlined development tools which enable:
    • Faster time to market via rapid creation of prototyping/pilot marketing programs
    • Customized platform utilization, created by non-technical users via an intuitive interface
  • Architected to be Future Proof via a robust, enterprise-class design that provides for optimal functionality, flexibility and reliability. Features include:
    • Unified architecture and non-proprietary tools enabling excellent integration of services across multiple contact channels such as Voice, SMS, Chat, social media, email
    • Open architecture which facilitates integration of new channels or capabilities yet to be conceived
    • Extensibility of on-premises based solutions, extending the life of these investments
    • Streamlined development when single channel solutions such text, email, or voice solutions are the optimal solution
    • State of the art tools and architecture accelerate development and reduce complexity, making everything easier

Istonish has over 25 years of technology services experience, with over 15 years building and operating complete contact center solutions. This unique expertise combines enterprise class technical operations management, agile open-standards based solutions development, and intense focus on customer needs, all resulting in technology solutions which support business requirements.

If you are looking for a CCaaS that enables your future vision of support for your customers, Aprisi is for you. Count on Aprisi to be agile, well-architected and delivered by a firm with a stellar reputation for delivery excellence, Istonish.