Develop a Clear Strategy for your Technology Service and Support Operation.

At Istonish we understand how important it is for technology initiatives to align with business strategy and deliver tangible business value. Our approach is to ‘begin with the end in mind’ and keep outcomes and goals in view throughout each project. Whether the need is to analyze and improve business processes, or to create a technology environment that will meet your future needs, Istonish can assist and ensure that your investments bring the desired return. Specific offerings include:

IT Strategy: The development of technology solutions, strategies, designs and plans to support overall business strategies

Business Analysis, Design & Reengineering: A structured yet flexible methodology for turning a business opportunity into a business solution by analyzing work flows and business processes to help uncover opportunities for technology to improve operational efficiencies

Return on Investment (ROI): Business case or feasibility case development identifies solutions and related costs and potential returns, justifies the investment on behalf of the business, and documents the case for securing funding support

Technology Architecture and Design: Builds a solid foundation upon which technology solutions can deploy, scale and integrate to support business goals

Project Management: Certified, experienced managers that ensure IT projects deliver intended results on time and within budget