“There is a positive role for businesses to play in the community and to its customers beyond making a profit. We see ourselves in that place. It’s about service.”

Annette brings 20 years of business experience to Istonish, with 14 of those as an entrepreneur. In 1990, Annette founded an information technology services company that has grown into an international business. Annette’s leadership and vision continues to drive the evolution of new and compelling offerings. Her credibility as a business leader has been confirmed through many business recognitions and awards. Many of these acknowledge her commitment to building an innovative, successful and positive company for employees, as well as her leadership and involvement in the community. Annette holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Colorado State University.



“Everyone wants to be treated with respect. Regardless of the size of the project, we treat each customer as our best customer.”

Victoria is a seasoned executive and the principal partner in building Istonish. As an owner, director and manager, she guides the company’s overall operations. Her focus is decidedly on optimizing processes, creating structure, aligning systems to business needs and maintaining employee connections. Victoria has bridged her leadership roles within the community to increase the visibility of Istonish on a local and national level. Victoria earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Colorado State University.



“The main priority is to go above and beyond to make sure that employees are happy, because when employees are happy, customers are happy.”

John has more than 18 years in the accounting industry, including nine years as the Controller of Istonish. His breadth of knowledge of accounting principles and his development of various financial reporting formats have contributed to the ongoing financial stability of Istonish. John was responsible for the conversion of the entire accounting department and implemented a complete financial package. Responsible for the daily accounting operations for Istonish, John plays a key role in customer and employee satisfaction by ensuring accurate and timely billing and payroll. John earned a bachelor of science in accounting from State University of New York at Plattsburgh and earned his CPA in 2006.



“Understanding our client is the main priority. Without solid communication and knowledge of what resources they need, we cannot succeed.”

Henry has been with Istonish for more than eight years as Senior Practice Director, where he has been instrumental in ensuring that systems projects are well managed and on track to meet the needs of our customers. Many of these projects have been in support of the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Colorado Department of Healthcare Finance and Policy and other state agencies. Henry brings a very strong understanding of the systems and business processes associated with almost every type of social service delivered in Colorado and many other states. Prior to joining Istonish, Henry was the Chief Information Officer for the State of Colorado Department of Human Services, where he was responsible for the annual and long-range strategic planning and project management oversight for three major information systems projects. He developed and administered departmental information systems policies and standards, as well as managed a team of 170 full-time and 62 contract employees.



“Technology planning is irrelevant without a solid understanding of the goals of the organization, as well as a strategy to deliver them.”

Rod is focused on creating business value by using technology to support organizational objectives. Concentrating on a “customer-first” approach throughout his career, Rod has more than 25 years of business, management, technology, and sales experience. This cross-functional background has shaped his understanding of the linkage between satisfied customers and the way successful organizations fulfill their customer’s needs. He has held Technology Management, Engineering, Customer Service, Sales, Project Management, and Operations leadership roles and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Istonish. Rod holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from California State University.